The Richest and Most Popular Celebrities You didn’t know using WordPress

WordPress is for everyone; from amateur bloggers to top notch companies, their multi millionaire owners as well as hugely followed celebrities. The platform has customized itself for various genres of users through the availability of wonderful themes and purposeful plugins. Thereby, many incredibly popular celebrities and multi millionaires have used WordPress as the platform for their amazing websites.

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Here is the list of Multi Millionaires and Celebrities who You Didn’t Know used WordPress. The list is as rich as the range from Sylvester Stallone to Beyonce:
Don’t forget to check the last but not the least celebrity.


Jennifer Lopez (JLo- Singer and Actress)


Net Worth~ $380 Million

Maria Sharapova (Tennis Player, Russia)

Maria Sharapova

Net Worth~ $300 Million

Snoop Dogg (Rap Artist, Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr)

snoopdogg-hip-hop-artist-website-using-wordpressNet Worth~ $135 Million

Beyonce (Music Artist)beyonce-singer-website-using-wordpress

Net Worth~ $355 Million

Rolling Stones (Musical Band)


Net Worth~ $ 1 Billion

Russel Brand (Comedian and Actor, UK)

Russell Brand

New Worth~ $15 Million

Katy Perry (Music Artist)

Katy PerryNet Worth~ $330 Million
Website :

Andy Murray (Tennis Player, UK)andymurray-tennis-player-website-based-on-wordpress

Net Worth~ $83 Million

Ricky Martin (Music Artist, Puerto Rico)


Net Worth~ $60 Million

Leonardo DiCaprio (Oscar Winning Actor)

Leonardo DiCaprio

Net Worth~ $240 Million

Justin Bieber (Music Artist, Canada)

Justin Bieber

Net Worth~ $265 Million
Website :

Sylvester Stallone (Hollywood Actor)

Sylvester Stallone

New Worth~ $400 Million

Usain Bolt (Athlete, Jamaica)

Usain Bolt

Net Worth~ $90 Million

 Garry Kasparov (Chess Grand Master, Russia)

Garry Kasparov

Net Worth~ $5 Million

and the last but not the least………


How could Jay-Z and Beyonce not come at the same place. Jay-Z, the celebrate rap artist of Hollywood and a multi-millionaire has his official website prepared through WordPress as well


Net Worth: 100 million short of a billion


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