‘WordPress!’ The word brings the images of attractive websites, blogs etc whenever it strikes our minds. Yet people still inquire things like “Isn’t my old site good enough?” “Why do I need to switch from my old platform to WordPress?” “WordPress? Why not any other platform?” etc. We think WordPress is awesome not just for us but also for you. Although it started as a personal publishing system in 2003, WordPress has amazingly adapted itself to become a handy platform for many blogs & eCommerce sites today. So, Why WordPress??

Here are the top reasons Why WordPress has become amazing enough to power 1/3rd of the world’s internet sites globally.

  1. Not Just Text- Allows use of Various Media Types-WordPress supports the use of multiple forms of Media !
  2. SEO Friendly- Get the most out of SEO tools via it
  3. Open Source– To keep it simple, It’s FREE! It means its not just free to use but also to contribute.
  4. Flexible and Adaptive– WordPress is as easy to use as it could be!
  5. Loved by Big Companies– WordPress falls under the likes of Microsoft, Sony, Disney (to name a few) when it comes to building a website- indeed, WordPress features in about 15 of the Top 100 Websites.
  6. More than 50 Languages Support– Another big reason for Why WordPress is that it has such a big community is its platform enabled for various languages around the globe!

Won’t it be great if We could know why more and more people are getting into WordPress?

1.WordPress allows the usage of various media:

The platform doesn’t limit YOU to writing text only. You can use a whole lot of multiple media types in WordPress like audio, video, and images. One can embed Soundcloud clips, enticing Instagram images, Brain Tickling Tweets, YouTube videos in it making the most out of WordPress post editor.

2.WordPress is SEO friendly

WordPress sites rank higher than others in various search engines. It has a Sophisticated Science behind it- the science of SEO! Another noteworthy thing, WordPress.com itself comes in the rank of 55 in Alexa Ranking.

One writes WordPress within standards set by high quality code. To put it simple, such facility makes search engines like Google and Baidu prefer WordPress for a romantic bonding over others.
WordPress in itself is SEO friendly by default. To enhance it further, You can make the most out of WordPress SEO plugins and provide major exposure to your site.

3. FREE! FREE!! 

WordPress comes for free . Anyone can download, install and use WordPress for 0 cost. One can also use it to create website of their requirement and modify WordPress according to the need. All these can be done by anyone with an internet service for FREE. The only cost you will incur is while getting a domain name and web hosting to get your site live in the internet.

4. WordPress if Flexible and Adaptive:

Want to build multiple sites of various nature?
If your answer is ‘Why not?’, WordPress is there for YOU!
A common misconception about the platform has been that WordPress is limited to Blogging- no more!
WordPress comes with various customization for various needs of website designers, all thanks to the widest range of themes and plugins available in it. Want to make your Website more handy?? Here are the top 6 Plugins You wish you had known earlier.
No doubts that WordPress started as a blogging platform in 2003, yet it has evolved into a multi platform through various new releases over the years.

5.Big Shots make the use of WordPress:

Why not follow the Big Shots- after all they are the role models for majority of the people. 15 of the world’s Top 100 sites power their Websites using WordPress. Just because it started as a blogging platform doesn’t mean WordPress can’t work wonders in Website- indeed, most of the to companies and names have made the best out of this platform. From University of Washington in education, Bloomberg Professional, Sony Music to Beyonce and The Rolling Stones in Music, everyone uses the platform to get the most out of their sites.

6. Huge Community and Numerous Language Support:

Few things that make WordPress wonderful are:

1.the Huge Community of users making the use of the platform in the web based world

2.the impressive support WordPress provides to wide array of languages (more than 50) spoken and written in the world.

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