Month: March 2019

Rich and Famous Celebrities who use WordPress

The Richest and Most Popular Celebrities You didn’t know using WordPress WordPress is for everyone; from amateur bloggers to top notch companies, their multi millionaire owners as well as hugely followed celebrities. The platform has customized itself for various genres of users through the availability of wonderful themes and purposeful plugins. Thereby, many incredibly popular […]

Why WordPress? Top 6 Reasons

‘WordPress!’ The word brings the images of attractive websites, blogs etc whenever it strikes our minds. Yet people still inquire things like “Isn’t my old site good enough?” “Why do I need to switch from my old platform to WordPress?” “WordPress? Why not any other platform?” etc. We think WordPress is awesome not just for […]

Popular Blogs Types

If you are a beginner for blogging then it is common questions that which are the popular blog? There are different types of blogs which covers range of topics, interests, and audiences. You need to plan for a successful blog and select the appropriate area. To select the niche of blog, you need to know […]

WordPress Classic Editor vs. Gutenberg

WordPress announced the new page/post editor based on moveable ‘blocks’. The default editor of WordPress 5.0 and later version has a new editor called Gutenberg. It is quite different than the previous classic editor The existing editing experience has been rebuilt for media-rich pages and posts. It helps users to create a dynamic page or […]

Blog Posts vs. Pages

The blogs evolved from online diaries and journals used after the 90s. Internet users created their personal web pages, thoughts, lives, and social commentary at that period in the web pages. Due to the familiar of web pages and its tools among users, the web pages has rapidly increased.  As a result, it is easier for users […]

Top 6 WordPress Menu Plugins

If you are a beginner in WordPress and want to create a menu as per your content then there is an option to create a menu dashboard => Appearance=> Menu and you can create from theme customizer. Without any deep knowledge of CSS and web programming, Menu Plugin used to create an attractive and responsive menu. Based […]